Big Blue Ocean Cleanup Partnership



Huddersfield’s Radcliffe Construction enters into corporate partnership Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup (BBOC) is one of the world’s leading clean up non-profit organisations with a mission to help keep the oceans clean, protect marine wildlife and support the development of innovative technologies. 



So how does that fit in with a West Yorkshire-based construction company?

Managing Director Paul Radcliffe explains:


Ten years ago, I think it’s fair to say that it wasn’t really on my radar but the catastrophic consequences humans are causing all over the planet have become more obvious, and the images broadcast in the media are devastating. Being a father of four young children has also made me think more and more about their future and the legacy we’re creating, so I wanted to try and do something, no matter how small. As a family we spend a lot of time in Anglesey on the beach – my two eldest children are obsessed with the water – so I spoke to James at Shepley Spring, one of our clients who is a partner of BBOC, about the work BBOC carries out and had no hesitation in becoming partners too.

One of Radcliffe Construction’s core ethics is sustainability: we recycle materials wherever possible and we’ve begun replacing company vehicles with all-electric models. But we can always do more. Becoming a corporate partner with BBOC not only gives us the opportunity to take our environmental responsibilities further but it also gives the team chance to enjoy a bracing day together at the seaside when we embark on our beach-cleaning days as part of our BBOC support.

At Radcliffe Construction, we’re used to working as a team to overcome challenges, and this is one of the greatest challenges the world is facing. We’re looking forward to being part of the solution.